Mining & Quarrying

Create digital maps and models of your mine or quarry to support decision making at every level.

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Maximize Safety and Efficiency using Advanced Analytics

Manage inventory, track changes and perform slope analysis with Point Cloud and 3 D maps in one convenient place.

Teams can easily collaborate within the platform to make informed decisions and turn aerial data into actionable business insights.Visualize, Measure, Analyze and Plan to maximize safety and value in your mining operation.


Monitor Operations

  • Visualize inventory and create meaningful reports.
  • Measure reserve consumption and mining progress.
  • Analyze haul road conditions to optimize fleet fuel consumption, equipment efficiency and traffic flow.
  • Plan blasting and track changes over time.

Assess Site Safety

  • Detect non-compliant safety blocks, berms, and highwalls.
  • View impact areas.
  • Conduct safety reviews more comprehensively and frequentlyto ensure safe operating conditions.
  • Inspect infrastructure regularly to keep operations running smoothly.

Easy Collaboration

Scale across organizations and operations of any size. Browser-based application allows secure universal access by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Annotate, comment and share insights with all stakeholders.


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