The use of drones in the insurance industry is a game changer in terms of how properties are underwritten, risks managed, and damages assessed.

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Take Underwriting and Claims Adjudication to a Whole New Level

The range of potential uses of drones in the insurance industry is extremely diverse and growing steadily. The real challenge is to integrate collected data into a company and its products as seamlessly as possible – making it easily accessible to brokers, underwriters, claims adjusters and reinsurers.

The gNext Platform provides seamless integration capabilities into the most demanding and distributed workflows. Whether data is captured by drone, vehicle or person, it is uploaded into our secure cloud-based platform where it is processed and made available to the groups that need it for visualization and collaboration wherever they are.


Risk Assessment

Drones are being put to excellent use providing insurers with information about the location, dimensions and condition of properties prior to underwriting. This makes it possible to survey buildings and facilities quickly and safely, without the need for extensive preparatory work, such as shutting down production or implementing safety measures prior to an inspection.

Understanding asset condition helps to properly price and manage risk for all parties. Utilizing drone collected data and powerful inspection tools makes it possible.

Claims Adjudication

Utilizing high resolution images, video and 3D models, asset condition can be reviewed from any remote location to determine validity of claims without jeopardizing the safety of adjusters.

Side by side comparison of the data captured during the underwriting process to post-claim condition data provides verifiable evidence to inform decisions. This provides speed and accuracy during the claims process and delivers new levels of customer satisfaction.

Fraud Monitoring

By comparing highly accurate pre- and post-claim data, new insights can be gathered to support valid claims. At the same time, this also provides the ability to understand when deeper issues need to be investigated.

Whatever the cause of damage, having the ability to measure highly accurate 3D models, video and images provides powerful new tools and insights to better understand and support the validity of claims and better detect fraudulent activity.


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