Infrastructure Inspection

Perform infrastructure inspections faster while keeping your teams safe with aerial and vehicle collected data.

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Increase Asset Uptime and Performance

Make sound operational and maintenance decisions with less risk, time spent in the field and better asset performance with the gNext Platform.

Using highly accurate 3D, Mesh and Point-Cloud models, inspectors can document, assess and monitor the condition of a huge variety of infrastructure assets. Machine Learning and Computer Vision provide analytics to make inspection reviews easier and faster and provides the ability to visualize how assets and projects are performing with change-over-time model technology. This solution has been built from the ground up to provide next generation solutions to address complex life cycle management requirements.


Asset Inspection

Protect your assets with in-depth inspections:

  • Airport / Airfield Infrastructure
  • Remote Project Management
  • Construction Projects
  • Marine Assets
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Rail Lines and Bridges
  • Highways and Bridges
  • Power and COM Towers
  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Buildings
  • Shoreline Monitoring Programs
  • Wind Turbines
  • Oil Rigs and Refineries
  • Added Safety and Efficiency

    Using digital models to inspect infrastructure keeps personnel safe, lowers costs and provides accurate asset condition visibility. Digital Pre-Inspections can interrogate site areas from a stand-off position to more accurately understand which areas need extra support and resources prior to committing personnel in the field.

    Computer Vision Meets Inspection

    With an underlying Artificial Intelligence Engine (AI), the gNext Platform can provide your inspectors with automated assistance to aid in identifying features of interest and associated defects. With cloud-based technology, your projects are always ready to provide secure access from wherever you and your teams require.


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